If you spot a woman strolling the top fashion go-to centers in Newport Beach or the hippest places out on the town with beautiful, dreamy, flowing locks of hair… (Locks of which many would envy)… Chances are….it’s the work of Jennifer Smith.

When Jennifer isn’t behind the chair working her styling magic on her clients, she’s on speed dial for the hottest fashion shows, photo shoots and charity events. She’s often asked to contribute to the highest-caliber continuing education programs for style trends, as well. 

Jennifer loves to travel for pleasure and professional enrichment. She frequently visits Europe to research the newest products, trends, styles and techniques used by the world’s most renowned stylists. Jennifer’s dedication, hard work, tenacity and desire to deliver the best results for her clients have earned her business top ranking as the most appointment-worthy beauty hot spot in all of Orange County. 

What keeps her clients coming back? Referrals! More than 90% of her business comes from pure word of mouth. 

Jennifer believes her clients’ hair should look always look amazing in the real world – not just in the salon. Her philosophy and technique is focused on practical results that deliver beautiful hair long after the appointments are complete.

Think about extensions, blowouts, styling and makeup. Jennifer’s goal is to make beauty simple and natural – all with minimal effort. 

When it is done right… it works!